Japanese Kimono

While browsing vintage stores and op shops I have had my eye out for a kimono. Inspirational bloggers, including 5 inch and up and Late afternoon have spurred this desire, gracing their blogs in their beautiful vintage silk kimonos.

At the Byron Bay markets I had other items on my wish list, that is, until I came across a stall with a rack full of cotton kimonos, sourced from Japan.  Although they are more casual than their silk counterparts, for $20 I was very impressed!  The only difficult part was deciding on which of the intricate designs to choose.

I ended up deciding on a white kimono with a red flower design, and of course couldn’t wait to wear it.

That night, while wearing it out for dinner with an otherwise simple outfit, I discovered what I assume to be the name of the previous owner written on the lapel.

My Japanese is a little rusty (ok… a lot rusty) but I managed to translate the katakana to ‘Batojutoko’, which I assume to be someone’s name.  Please correct me if I’m wrong!

*EDIT* The writing actually says ‘Ban Junko’, which means the owners name was Junko, and this type of kimono is actually a yukata.  Thanks Leah and Nick!

I come up with the craziest stories when I try to imagine who this woman is and what her life is like.

Photos of me taken by: Kris

Other photos from: my camera

Dinner at:  Targa, Byron Bay (they have the best gnocchi I have tasted outside Rome!)



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8 responses to “Japanese Kimono

  1. jas i love your fizzle you are so creative with all the photos and the blogs (just like dad 🙂 with it between you writing and kris taking photos it is great to read all about your adventures especially your cooking yum c u soon on the coast very very excited.

  2. Leah

    Hi! My name is Leah. I always enjoy reading your blog!! I especially love pictures you take!
    I am from Japan and currently living in the U.S.
    The name on your kimono (we actually call it “Yukata”) says “Ban Junko.” You’re very close!!

  3. What an awesome find, I love the little bit of history on the kimono with the name!

  4. You look so serene in that kimono. I feel relaxed looking at your photos. They have a zen quality about them 🙂

  5. I have always wanted to go to Japan! I find their culture so beautiful. You look stunning in that kimono. I have always wanted one but they are so expensive! ><
    Beautiful shots too on every post xx

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