Zombie Walk 2010 – for real this time

If you were wandering around Brisbane City on Sunday you might have been surprised to see the streets filled with zombies.  Armed only with our cameras, Kris and I set out to find the walking dead taking part in the annual Zombie Walk.

A zombie flapper, must have died at the 1920s party the other week…

Though it just seems like a bit of fun, the participants in the Zombie Walk were also raising money for a good cause, The Brain Foundation of Australia.

No one said that Zombies have good grammar.

I only wish we knew that ‘Thrill the World‘, a worldwide tribute to Michael Jackson, was taking place the night prior.

Photos from: my camera



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3 responses to “Zombie Walk 2010 – for real this time

  1. I never knew this existed. How cool, and what a fun way to raise some money for charity.
    That guy in the first pic is insane! Better make-up than most movies.
    And, that baby zombie is so,so cute chewing a hand!
    love these pictures x

  2. the baby chewing the hand was classic!! I wish we had things like this back home. Thanks for sharing. I feel like a get a slice of real Brisbane life without even paying for an airticket 🙂

  3. If I woke up one morning seeing this scenario on the streets, I think I could have fainted. I hate zombies, honestly, I’m really scared of them. I’m scared of the night because tomorrow morning I’d imagined zombies would walk the streets. But this is cool though! But still scary!!!!!!!!! 😉

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