Just a Minute… October

When I saw that Liss over at Daydream Lily is doing a little monthly meme called: Just a Minute I thought I would join in.

Reading…       Kelly Cutrone – If you have to cry, go outside and Eat, Pray, Love (yes I am behind the ball on this one but am loving it so far!).

Watching…    Cooking shows for inspiration (the kids on Jr Masterchef are too cute!), the only series I am watching at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy.

Loving…         The last months of working full time & earning money, perfect almost-summer weather, the beautiful purple jacaranda flowers that litter our entire campus, road trips with the girls and weekends away with my lover.

Craving…        Summer fruits, we just bought our first mangoes of the season and are waiting until they are perfectly ripe!

Learning…      How to build a blog/website using HTML and CSS (so hard, but with some lessons from Kris I should get there).

Planning…      Photo shoots, Moving to the Gold Coast, a weekend in Hunter Valley and a new project that is in the works (I promise I will be sharing sometime soon).

What about you guys?  Join in on your blog or in the comments…

Photos from: my camera



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10 responses to “Just a Minute… October

  1. what you’re moving to the Gold Coast? AND how did I not know you’re also a scientist! TWINS. I really enjoyed Eat Pray Love I want to see the movie now. Although rarely the movie is as good as the book.

  2. Hi there,

    I saw in your comment on Daydream Lily that you like The Wire and I just had to come and comment you and say MEEEE TOOO! Haha. Where I live it seems that a lot of people haven’t heard of it but it’s such a fantastic show so I get really excited when someone else likes it as well. Have you finished all the seasons? I finished the lot about 2 months ago and I haven’t been able to find a good replacement since!

  3. I’m reading Eat Pray Love too! I’m in Indonesia now. And I’ve watched the film. I liked the film, of course like any book-turned-movie, some of the good things were left out. But it’s still alright for me. ❤

  4. ooo congrats on getting into Med school! and you will be at my uni, we should do lunch! What was the GAMSAT like? that test seems so scary.


  6. Hi! What I meant to say was, I’m in Indonesia in the book! 🙂 My friends don’t get me either when I say i’m off to India now in Eat Pray Love when i finished the Italy part of the book. 😀
    I’m living in the Philippines. I’m just finishing the last semester of my pre-medicine program, and i’m thinking of continuing to medicine proper too.

  7. I love this. I still need to read Eat. Pray Love so you’re doing better than me! I think I will try my own ‘Just a minute’ this week too. Its a great way to get some reading. listening, thinking ideas


  8. Beautiful photos! I have a purple tree like this at the front of my house 🙂 It’s much smaller though!
    Love from a fellow Brisbane blogger,
    Francesca xx

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