Quick Eats: Insalata Caprese

As a vegetarian, I love to make huge salads with a stack of ingredients, completely ignoring the ‘keep it simple’ mentality. In saying this, there is something about summertime weather that makes me change my tune and crave eating a piece of fruit or a simple salad.

Insalata caprese is probably the ‘simplest’ salad that there is. Of course, in a simple salad there is a huge importance on the highest quality ingredients, the ripest of tomatoes, basil picked straight from the garden and fresh mozzarella.

Don’t even think about trying to use the mozzarella that we tend to find in supermarkets in Australia, or the shredded stuff, what you need is the cheese that you can buy in the deli or gourmet cheese section, that comes soaking in brine.

Here I have used mini bocconcini (just because they are so cute), but I think a huge improvement could be made by using the large balls of buffalo mozzarella from my local deli.

Drizzled with a good quality olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt, this is an ideal summer afternoon snack, or accompaniment to a pasta dish.

Buon appetito!

Photos from: my camera


Would any of you be interested in seeing a couple ‘behind the scenes’ set up shots for the photos in this post?


This really is a simple recipe with 3 main ingredients:

  • Very ripe tomatoes – if they aren’t ripe enough it really isn’t worth eating them in this salad.
  • Fresh mozzarella or bocconcini – found in a good deli or the gourmet cheese section of the supermarket.
  • Basil – if there is one herb you should grow, it is basil.  It is useful in a huge variety of recipes, and grows so easily.  Otherwise it is available at a greengrocer or the supermarket.

Tear or slice the mozzarella and place atop a slice of tomato and basil leaf.  Season with cracked pepper and sea salt, drizzle with good quality olive oil, and enjoy!



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10 responses to “Quick Eats: Insalata Caprese

  1. Beautiful pics! Love Caprese! Just lovely.

  2. Tes

    These picture are so beautiful! What a perfect bite!

  3. This looks AMAZING!! So yummy. I’m doing it. Muah! Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  4. So many italian influences on your blog! Those pictures are gorgeous.

  5. God, that looks yummy. I went to a Slow Foods event a few months ago where they made fresh mozzarella on the spot, and honestly, it was the BEST thing I’ve ever eaten.

    These photos are gorgeous!

  6. C

    Jaz, that basil is so cute I want to pinch it’s friggin cheeks. love your work. x

  7. This is my favourite summer salad and quite possibly my favorite meal of all time. Being a poor student means I can’t afford to eat proper buffalo mozzarella as often as I’d like (say twice a day) but it’s totally worth every penny.
    My mouth is watering now!

  8. gooorgeous yumm yumm yummmm! found you from Hanneli and I’m sure happy I did!

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