Brisbane Food and Wine Show

Being such a food and wine lover, there was no way that I could pass up the opportunity to attend the food and wine show when it came to Brisbane.

Kris and I started Sunday morning with a lovely early morning breakfast at a favourite in West End, The Gunshop Cafe, which is well worth the massive line-up it draws each weekend. After such a feast, the last thing that was on our mind was food, but we decided to slowly stroll in the direction of South Bank, towards the food and wine show.

Even while entering we were inundated by crowds of people, but received a nice surprise when the lady in front of us handed us a $5 off voucher for our tickets. What a lovely start to the day!

Armed with our wine glasses on a string around our necks (extremely unfashionable, yet incredibly practical), we set off on a tasting rampage, particularly focusing on wines from the Hunter Valley region, which we will be visiting in less than 2 weeks (eeekkkkk!). Tasting all the fantastic wines got me even more excited for our trip, but by the time we finally got to a cheese stall I was in desperate need of some palate cleansing.

It was here that I discovered the wonderful yoghurt cheese called ‘labna’. I can’t believe I have never heard of it before, and it seems SO easy to make, plus it contains all the healthy pro-biotics that are in yoghurt.  Stay tuned for a ‘make your own’ labna session that I will be sharing soon!

In the end we were so overwhelmed by all the wonderful things on offer that all we bought was some wine and macadamia nut brittle, but I got some great ideas and left feeling inspired about cooking.  I also think that we got talked into a fabulous, yet expensive, coffee machine and grinder – which will be our Christmas present to each other, and a great investment to help us with the next 4 years of study.

PS. Sorry things have been a little quiet around here… I just finished ‘The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest‘ and was so hooked that I just couldn’t put it down.  Also have been busy playing with my new laptop 🙂

photos from: my camera



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5 responses to “Brisbane Food and Wine Show

  1. Great window light in that first photo – love it babe.

  2. i want a wine glass on a string!!! 😉

  3. lovelylaylacooks

    Oh you are so lucky! I missed the Food and Wine Show when it was in S.A. I also want a glass on a string, could be big sports. Looking forward to the Labna!

  4. Ashe Clayton-Hornsby

    Can wait to see and hopefully taste labna! x

  5. Sarah

    Labna! Its Lebanese. I used to eat that all the time. So yum but quite sweet! xx

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