Frock-shopping on James St

Despite the persistent rain and threat of drenched hair and soggy shoes, Brisbane’s fashion lovers were out in force last Thursday night at Grazia Up Late on James St.  With all the fantastic discounts and sales, the ladies were shopping up a storm, even more so than the wild weather going on outside.

First stop, of course, was Frockshop, where we browsed around the store with a glass of champagne in hand, admired the beautiful Kelly Smith illustrations adorning the walls (and the goody bags… score one on their facebook page), and dragged the lovely Jessy away from her busy night for a quick chat.

After mingling for a while and gazing at the beautiful Camilla-Freeman Topper, we moved on, wandering down James St, people watching and gawking at the ‘live models’ in the windows of various shops.  We stopped to browse and have a beverage every so often to get away from the wild weather, spying Heidi Middleton being swamped by shoppers in Sass and Bide.

The music pumping out onto the street added to the festive vibe of James St, putting shoppers in a great mood.

I fell in love with the jewellery display in one of the boutiques and found the furnishings so inspiring, what a perfect way to use a vintage tea set or bottle collection.

As usual we had way too much fun messing around taking photos… I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out of the change rooms!

Though I stuck to my budget and didn’t make any purchases, Kris came away with a fantastic man satchel that will be perfect for uni next year.  Hopefully I can steal it away from him (shhhh don’t tell him though!)

For more pics of the night and to stay on top of the latest style news, head over to the official blog for Frockshop, FS Style.

Photos from: my camera and taken by Kris

A huge thank you to Jessy and everyone at Frockshop for the invite!



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8 responses to “Frock-shopping on James St

  1. Your hair-do looks so sophisticated. Love those shots of the 2 of you..super cute! Is that a Starbucks xmas cups in your boyfriend’s hand? making me crave for coffee right now 🙂

  2. Thanks BookJunkie!

    It was a coffee from a local – it was delicious but not what I needed that late at night – I was up all night!

    I’m actually holding a coffee and a spiked-iced-tea! YUM.

  3. Fun! I love how those necklaces are wrapped round the bottles, and you hair and your lipstick. That is such the ultimate red… you look fantastic!


  4. you looked oh so pretty at the event, i loved your bright lipstick!

    thank you so, so much for coming, it was so good to see you and Kris.

    AND thank you for posting photos from other boutiques… i literally didn’t have a chance to leave the FrockShop boutique so i’m living vicariously through your blog… xx

    • aww thank you! It was great to see you too and I’m so glad that the event was such a success, it was so good to walk into a jam packed store! Have updated your link, just messed with my blogroll but not sure why I had your old one. Fixed now 🙂 xx

  5. You look so gorgeous! I can’t believe I still haven’t been to the new Frockshop boutique, it looks absolutely stunning 🙂 Do you mind me asking where you purchased your necklace from?

    • Thanks so much! yes it was the first time I had been there and I was very impressed (especially with all the beautiful clothes that are unfortunately out of my budget). Necklace from Diva…

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