Healthy treats: Strawberry and yoghurt icy poles

Kris and I love our treats, especially during summer when it is so nice to cool down on a hot afternoon with an ice cream or icy pole.

One of my favourite snacks is frozen grapes, which are sweet enough to satisfy that craving and so simple to make, just throw them in a container in the freezer.

Another new favourite is fruit and yoghurt icy poles – with so many different combinations we will never get sick of them.  The best part is, if you make a smoothie you can just chuck the left overs into your icy pole tray and have a tasty treat ready to go, with minimal effort and reduced food wastage. I always freeze bananas that are a little overripe for use in cakes, smoothies and now in icy poles.

Over the weekend I snacked on the tastiest of strawberries, and thought that some kind of strawberry frozen yoghurt would be the perfect thing for a hot afternoon.  The idea for these originally came from One Charming Party, which is absolutely the cutest blog full of amazing party and food ideas!  Unfortunately my icy pole moulds are a lot smaller than they have used, and for some reason they were quite difficult to find… You would think they should be stocked everywhere!

As I wanted to go for a layered effect, I started with a strawberry puree, to which I added some maple syrup for a little sweetness.  I actually used frozen strawberries for this, but it would work just as well with fresh strawberries (you can definitely use cooking grade, they don’t need to look perfect, just need to be ripe and full of flavour).

Sshhhhhh don’t tell anyone but it was delicious on its own as a strawberry sorbet.

To make the strawberry yoghurt, I just added some of the strawberry puree to natural yoghurt, I didn’t really measure it out or anything, and the quantities would really depend on the size of the icy pole trays that you use.  I added a strawberry slice to make them pretty like the ones from One Charming Party, but of course mine are a lot messier.  Still delicious though!

Perfect for a summer afternoon.

Get in quick because they won’t last long…

Nom nom nom…

  • Strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • Strawberry slices for decoration
  • Maple syrup to sweeten (could substitute for honey if you prefer)
  • Natural or Greek yoghurt
  • Icy pole (popsicle) moulds

Puree the strawberries in a food processor or blender, adding a little maple syrup to taste.

Spoon a little of the strawberry puree into the icy pole moulds for the top layer.

If you want it to be neat, it is probably best to freeze this layer before continuing, but if you lack patience like me…

Mix some of the strawberry puree with yoghurt, and spoon into the icy pole moulds.  Place your strawberry slices flush with the side of the mould, insert the stick and freeze until solid.

On a hot afternoon, loosen your icy poles with some hot water on the outside, and enjoy!


Photos from: my camera

Recipe inspired by: One Charming Party



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18 responses to “Healthy treats: Strawberry and yoghurt icy poles

  1. Tes

    Wow this sounds so fun and delicious. I wish it’s summer….but I think this is perfect for all season. Strawberry season is starting here, too Yeah!!!

  2. My aunt made these for all the cousins when we were kids. They remind me of long summer days running around the family cottage, swimming in the lake and playing in the forest without a care in the world and minimal adult supervision- heaven! But they’re actually quite elegant the way you show them, and they could be really fun for an adult party too… Thanks for the idea!

  3. Not only do those look delicious, they are a sight to behold!

  4. Oooh these look so good. I don’t have any of the sticks but I’m going to get some asap so I can make these.
    I guess the beauty of making them yourself is you can try all sorts of combinations. yummy

    • Thanks! yes I was looking for ages but found them in the $2 shop. Have just tried out some new flavours but yep you could do pretty much any combo that you can think of. Even just apple or orange juice would be so good (and minimal effort!)

  5. Ooo I never thought I’d be saying this, but that looks tons better than ice-cream!! I just love the pink popsicle sticks you used too. Jazzie you’re amazing! 🙂

  6. Ashe

    Yummmmmm…. Cant wait to have a play with flavours.
    Have you seen the new machine that freezes icy poles in 7 mins?
    Looks picture perfect to and pink and red my fav! xxx

  7. this totally needs to be freshly pressed…so pretty!!

  8. Goodness, they look amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It’s always lovely to meet other likeminded Brisbane bloggers. 🙂

  9. Sheila

    yum, yum – bring me some! love, mum

  10. Love the pictures and the flavors in this gorgeous Popsicle. First time to this beautiful place, hope to come here more often for these lovely treats. Best wishes.

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