Secret Squirrel at GOMA

So I know I promised ages ago to share some of the prizes I have been lucky enough to win in the past few weeks, but with the incessant rain in Brisbane, any chance at a photo shoot has been continually delayed, until we decided that it might just continue raining forever so we should find somewhere under shelter to snap a few pics.

My lucky streak started with winning a some adorable little bulldog clips in a competition run by the lovely Kylie from Flying Ducks – how much cuter do they look than those big ugly black bulldog clips you usually get?

Yum… I still want to make that fig and raspberry tart from delicious magazine (but am on a self-imposed health kick for the time being so it will have to wait).

With my new found competition winning confidence, I entered another blog giveaway from Fashion Hayley, thinking that I had little chance on such a popular blog up against 60 other people… but I was surprised and shocked to see that my name was randomly chosen as the winner of a beautiful outfit from Secret Squirrel.

Yes… that rope is sheer.

Kris and I decided to make a trip to the latest exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art for some wet weather fun and hopefully some photo ops, but unfortunately walking over the bridge in my favourite wedges wasn’t going to happen with the torrential rain and our pathetic excuse for an umbrella, so please ignore my go-to ballet flats and imagine some amazing shoes with this outfit.

The skirt is another khaki piece that integrates so nicely into my closet, and with its cinched in, paper bag look, I can picture it being worn both day and night, dressed up or down.  The top is completely different to anything that I own, and I love it.  For me it is such a statement piece that feels nautical without being the typical blue and white stripes (as much as I love a good striped top).

I really couldn’t be happier with my new outfit and it comes at the perfect time,  since going back to uni will put a serious dent in the ‘clothes buying fund’.

The fabulous thing was that the styling part was already done by the talented Hayley, just leaving me to add shoes and accessories (so sorry Hayley, I failed you there haha).  I did manage to throw my latest favourite necklace on as we headed out the door, my long tarnished feather… purchased on a now distant weekend away in Byron.

Just after I won the outfit I had the pleasure of reading a lovely interview with the designer from Secret Squirrel, on a blog that has only recently come onto my radar: purplegrape.  I love that Yasmine is a proud vegan and uses her blog as a place to share her passion for animal rights and animal-friendly fashion, and it was so refreshing to read an interview that showcases a vegan designer placing the welfare of animals before what is ‘on-trend’ or ‘in fashion’.

The third win in my lucky streak was from the folks at Magnation, who I follow on twitter, that had been doing some giveaways leading up to Christmas.  I thought it would be nice for Kris and I to have a couple of moleskine journals, just for everyday use or to separate any creative distractions from our study notes, and when I put an order in I was lucky enough to be the first person to use the winning code.  Yay!

So… I only ask for one more thing.  That my winning streak continue until at least NYE so that we can win 31 million in the lotto.  Keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed for me!

Thanks again to Kylie, Hayley, Secret Squirrel and Magnation for their generosity and the fabulous prizes!

Photos: from my camera and those of me were taken by Kris

Outfit: courtesy of Secret Squirrel



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5 responses to “Secret Squirrel at GOMA

  1. Sheila

    It’s a bit ironic – the moleskin journals following the rave about Yasmine and her vegan style! Love you anyway – great outfit, fantastic photos – see you soon, girly!

  2. Ashe

    Feeling very up to date right now xx

  3. Wow – you have been doing well on the giveaways lately – well done!

    I adore Secret Squirrel clothing … though I try not to give into temptation to buy TOO often … your outfit looks lovely, and what a perfect destination to wear it out to. Thank goodness for that sunshine today! 🙂

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your numbers come up in the lotto – I just hope you share the love if you win! Haha! 😉

  4. Moleskins are one of my absolute favourite things I have some that I am going to start writing in when I am ready. It’s always a special occasion to start on a brand new journal 🙂 Love the classic ones in the black and red covers.

  5. love the outfit! way to go on all of that winning. looks like you got some great stuff.

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