Rainy day entertainment: Gallery of Modern Art

It is still raining here in ‘sunny’ Queensland, so I will leave you with some pictures of our rainy day adventure to the Gallery of Modern Art last week.

There was a wall of wishes, where you wrote a wish and exchanged it for a ribbon that had a wish printed on it.

My wish…

Some of the wishes were so sad, and so sweet, and made me thankful that I really don’t have anything important to wish for except for happiness for those that I love.

Kris with the wish he chose…

Crazy pool room

Looking up from under the pool

Slippery slide!  We so need to go back when kids are back at school to go on this slide without a massive line-up.

Fun with reflections

Check out this fun pic that Kris took of us in the infinity room.

If you are in Brisbane: the 21st century exhibition is free, and is open until mid-April.


Photos from: my camera



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6 responses to “Rainy day entertainment: Gallery of Modern Art

  1. Oh my gosh!!! That slide. I need to get back there ASAP!!! X

  2. The blog’s looking great! The space looks packed with families – a photography challenge for sure – and you made it look fantastic fun. I love that this gallery- like so many in Brisbane – is free…. makes it a lot easier to keep the kids entertained through the deluge, I imagine! But we can’t let the kids have all the fun… I want a go on that slide too!
    Have a great weekend, I hope the sun comes out for you! (ooh, and thanks for you comment earlier!)

  3. Hi There! I stumbled upon your blog when I was reading the comments for WordPress’ “If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?” I’ve been taking a peek to see what themes other people have been using, as I am a new blogger on WPress.
    This museum looks like a lot of fun, especially the ‘wish’ exhibit and the swimming pool. Very cool 🙂 BTW, what were those architectural sculptures made of? Was that an interactive thing? I think I might subscribe to your blog, I think we might have some things in common — Cheers! Desiree

    • Thanks Desiree! Yes it was great fun, just a lot of kids since it is school holidays here.

      The sculptures were made of lego, and yes, it was interactive, a huge long table where you could make anything that you like. There must be some very talented people in our city because some of the architecture was phenomenal, and the structures were so high yet still looked very sturdy. The kids seemed to be enjoying it too though!

      Thanks for subscribing, I hope you see more of what you like!

  4. Wow this looks good. And it’s free. I must go check this out. BTW… loving your blog. So clean and elegant. ❤

  5. lintypocket

    This is the coolest thing! Looks like tons of fun!

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