Vegetarian San Choi Bau

With our new year’s health kick and saving money on my mind, I have set out to start meal planning this year, to avoid unnecessary temptation while in the supermarket and to prevent food wastage (which is also money wastage).Β  I have compiled a substantial list of easy, go-to meals, but also hope to try at least one new recipe each fortnight, to add some excitement and extra meals to our repertoire.

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12 responses to “Vegetarian San Choi Bau

  1. Wow I love meat but I guess I would really love this one. It looks so yummy!

  2. Steve

    Nice chopping board.

  3. C

    um, I think we might have to organise some sort of weekly vegetarian night…at your house… (in exchange for notes? πŸ™‚ haha)

  4. I’m trying to implement more lettuce-wraps into my meal planing in the spirit of saving money and eating healthier. (plus, if there’s a head of lettuce hanging around the kitchen, it obliges one to actually make and serve salads, which I hardly ever bother with otherwise) These are a super appetising way to make it happen… another superb idea!
    – Catherine

  5. Ashe

    Yummmmm LOVES THIS!

  6. Oh yum, I’m definitely going to try this one.
    I always love Muy Kum from Thai places (wrapped up in spinach leaves or similar) so I’m keen to give this a go. I’m a total tofu addict and know I will love it.
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. Yum – that looks delicious … this vegetarian girl can’t wait to give it a go! πŸ™‚

  8. I am so pro about this post. Love the concept of creativity in the kitchen + saving some dough.

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