Queensland Floods

I’m sure by now you will have heard about the tragedy that has struck Queensland, and that has devastated such a massive part of our country, destroying so many lives, and people’s property and livelihood.  I am so saddened hearing people’s stories, and coming to terms with the scale of this disaster.

Personally, I feel very fortunate that our apartment building was undamaged, despite being directly on Brisbane river, that we were able to get our car and bikes out of the carpark before it went under, that we were able to remove most of our belongings and bring them to our new house, evacuating before all power, water and gas was shut off to the building.

Here are some photos I snapped from our balcony on Thursday when we went back to check on the place and grab a few more things.

The corner of Coronation Drive and the Inner City Bypass

The raging river, we could not believe how fast the water was flowing.

The river obviously didn’t reach the pool level.

There was a strange feeling of calm, yet there were people everywhere riding their bikes or out walking around taking photos.

He made it through!

Here comes another rider.

I was amazed by this footage, that shows the sheer amount of water that inundated the city.  University of Queensland is where I spent the last 5 years studying and working, so I cannot even begin to imagine the damage that has been done.

I feel extremely lucky that my loved ones are safe, that most people I know live on high ground or got out in time, that everyone is helping each other and doing the best that they can to clean up the devastation left behind.

To be honest, the last few days haven’t felt real, as I drove away from Brisbane, over the bridge with the raging flood waters beneath, it felt like I was in a movie or some kind of bad dream, but still so fortunate compared to those who have lost everything.

But, along with all the tales of loss and devastation, are the encouraging efforts of people doing their best to help out those in need.  The clean up has just begun, so there is still so much help needed!

Some of my wonderful and generous friends have organized collections of donated items to take to flood victims, as well as fund-raising events that will be hosted on the Gold Coast.

Zoe of Jetz PR and Ashe from Dash Events have teamed up to host a Queensland Flood Victims Charity Event at 1two3 Mediterranean Dining & Lounge Bar in Broadbeach, on Thursday 20th January. Event tickets are $20 and the FULL amount will go to the Premier’s flood appeal.

Included is a welcome drink (donated by Taltarni Wines & Coopers Beers) 2 hours of canapés (donated by 1two3), Live music by BT and Hosted by Emma Lancaster.  Drinks are also half price on the night and many local businesses have donated gifts to be raffled off, with tickets going for $10 each.

Another friend, Leisa, will be running a Zumba flood appeal fundraiser, at Banora point high school, at 6:30pm NSW time (5:30pm QLD time) Tuesday 18th January.  Have a bit of fun, get fit, and support a good cause, with all proceeds from the Zumba class going to flood victims.

Another fantastic effort that has been put together by Digella is Baked Relief, where people take baked goods and food supplies to hungry volunteers. We will be taking a big slab of banana bread from my Aunty at Cafe Sorrento to give some of the people working so hard a little treat.

If you are not in Queensland, you can help with a donation to the Premier’s flood appeal. Thank you so much for your thoughts and an help you can give.

Don’t forget, if you have been affected by the floods, the government is giving a little to help you get back on your feet.

Photos from: my camera 13.1.11



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17 responses to “Queensland Floods

  1. I’m so glad that you weren’t stuck anywhere in the floods!

  2. I am so glad you and your loved ones are ok. Immediately thought about you when I read the news.

  3. Oh my word!!! I’m happy you’re safe. I didn’t even know this happened. The photos of the cyclist is funny. Man, that’s a brave person down there. Be safe, dear!

    • Yes I heard that there has been lots of news coverage all over the world but not so much in the US for some reason. So thankful that it wasn’t much worse (like in Brazil). What is happening to this world?

  4. Ashe

    This is my favourire post yet! Those photos are amszing and I am sure will be in our memories forever x

  5. By coincidence, Himself has a cousin named Chris who lives in Brisbane, and I also have a cousin named Chris who lives in Brisbane ( or just outside).. we have been keeping up with the news, horrified at how quickly the waters rose in some areas. When you see fast flowing waters and families with little kids on rooftops you are willing the rescuers on to evacuate them as quickly as possible.
    I read stories of great tragedy, like the young teen who said ” take my little brother first” and then got swept away with this mother and both drowned. I sat and cried.
    Of course there have been a few rotten apples thieving etc but the far bigger story has been amazing bravery and courage and human beings showing acts of kindness and all things good, in communities all over the area.
    I can only hope that people can rebuild not only lost possessions but also their lives after loosing loved ones in this.
    No natural disaster is closer to a Dutchman’s soul than high waters and flooding… not just me, but many here, our hearts go out to you.
    Stay Strong everyone who’s been affected! Bravo to everyone who is working tirelessly to help someone else in need.

  6. it must of been so surreal, I like how you described it that there was a calmness yet all these people out taking photos. Gosh I cant believe people were ridding bikes through it. If only they knew that alot of that water mixed with sewage.

  7. Those photos are absolutely incredible … I still can’t quite believe these floods have happened in our capital city.

    I’m so glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe and well.
    Take care.

  8. I have thinking about the floods there lately, and it looks very quiet in your photos. Great shots, BTW. A piece of history. Amazing to think how society just has to ‘stop’ in the event of a natural disaster. Glad to hear you are okay (and by the looks of it, it seems the flooding can’t stop everyone from having a nice bike ride, eh?) Safe thoughts to you and your loved ones…

  9. Thank you for your lovely words 🙂 Sorry to hear that your power is still out, hopefully it comes back soon! I agree with you about feeling like we were in a movie. We had to do some seriously creative driving to get out. What usually takes 40 minutes to get to the Redlands (where my sister lives) took about 2.5 hours. I was terrified that water would come flooding down the road behind us.

    The photos you took are amazing, can’t believe the cyclist though 🙂

  10. Isn’t it just so bizarre and upsetting. I’m pleased to hear you and your place are okay! So many people I know had to evacuate their homes. It’s terrible, and it’s going to be a long, messy clean-up. The support by everyone has been so wonderful though, and this is a really lovely post. I’m looking forward to attending some fundraising gigs.

    On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, just letting you know I’ve nominated you for a ‘Stylish Blogger Award’. Further details here: http://theswirlandswing.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award.html. Hope the moving in process is going smoothly. X

    • Thank you so much Sonya for the nomination! I have had so much going on lately that it has taken a toll on my online life and blogging but now that we have internet connected I will try to get back into the swing of things and catch up on what is going on with all my blogger friends 🙂

      I know it has been so sad, and now I feel so disconnected from what is going on in Brisbane, but also have been so busy that have barely even had time to think. I truly hope everyone is recovering ok from this tragedy and has received the help that they need to get their lives back on track.

  11. Jen

    Scary scary scary. Good to hear that you are safe.

    I’m pretty sure I used to stay in one of the houses in that Courier Mail video when I visited Brisbane. It looks normal, in that the floodwaters have only reached the bottom of the house… except that it’s a Queenslander and there is a whole other level underneath the water.

    Fingers crossed you get back into the rhythm of things again soon. I know there are plans in place down here in Adelaide to make a whole bunch of jams and chutneys and then give out to people up there. A little bit of happiness on top of all of the other major help that’s needed.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts! And what a great idea to make jams and chutneys, I know it is only something small but people need to eat and if a small gesture can uplift someone a little then you have made the world a better place 🙂

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