Beach break

Hello again little neglected blog…

It sure has been a while, yet I have thought about blogging almost every day.Β  There are some big changes happening in my life and unfortunately that sometimes means that certain things like taking photos and cooking things that I am excited to share on my blog fall by the wayside, and are replaced by study, social events and ‘setting up house’.

Still peeling from my first sunburn of the season, we are officially ‘Gold Coasties’ and have been making a bit of effort to enjoy the beauty that is within 5 minutes of our new home.

After an overwhelming week being reminded of the joys of study, anatomy and libraries, it was fabulous to pick up my camera and walk along the beach without a care in the world.

Stingers everywhere didn’t stop us from jumping into the ocean to cool down.

Ah I can’t wait for more days like these… till then though we need to study up (but of course there will be time for a little blogging in between!)


Photos from: my camera

Sorry for the weird editing… felt like doing something different.



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9 responses to “Beach break

  1. That picture of the blue bottle (I think that’s what it’s called?) is so vibrant! Really lovely!
    – Catherine

  2. oh wow. jealous much. even though it’s like a 5 min drive down the road i still haven’t been to the beach all summer. tragic.
    but also thanks so much for the lovely comment jasmine πŸ™‚
    some extra thought
    i’m not sure whether it’s just a blogger thing. readers are obviously drawn to a certain blog for it’s style so i guess it can be confusing trying to reconcile being naturally drawn to something new and exciting but then remain faithful to something which i have soo much love for as well. aah the joys of fashion. i’ll figure something out. in transition though i’m sticking to the black rats and black singlet tops. lol.
    take care

  3. Wow!! I would love to be on a beach right now…. but I guess I’ll have to stay here and study for tomorrow’s job interview instead:(

    Check out my LIGHT and DIET LIKE cook blog if u wish!

  4. Hmph, we have the North Sea in Winter to look at at present and believe me, your is a FAR prettier sight! Jealousy aside, Excellent that you have a place so close to the beach… Get out there and engoy it as much as you can…and yes sometimes there is a time for writing, just as there is a time for study and a time for moving house.
    Study comes first right now and we understand.
    If the jellyfish are on the beach then aren’t you afraid of them in the water when you swim too? ouch! or do you take your bottle of vinegar with your towel and sunscreen?
    One last point… I spy bucket and spade, but what ? NO SANDCASTLE!!!!??? (that’s serious!)

    • Haha oh I bet it gets lovely there in the summertime though! Thank you… yes I need a reminder sometimes to just make the most of it as I am not used to being so close to the ocean. We get such a lovely breeze looking out over the ocean from university, we really are so lucky!

      Yes there were plenty of blue bottles in the water too, but they were pretty small and we thankfully didn’t get stung. Normally the lifeguards have something to relieve the sting, but apparently vinegar is only meant for box jellyfish, they say to put hot water on bluebottle stings. There were loads of kids swimming who seemed to be ok so we decided to brave it and go in!

      haha, no I think the kids had abandoned the sandcastle making, as we walked past to see the bright bucket and spade lying on their own in the sand! haha

  5. thank you for the comment! love your pictures. quite a serene scene you have here. and i know its entirely off topic, but i’m in love with your recipes! πŸ™‚

  6. How exciting – I hope you’re settling in to life on the coast … I know I’m jealous of the gorgeous beaches you have close by! πŸ™‚

    Your photos are lovely … I think I need an ‘ocean’ visit myself sometime soon (it’s so good for the soul and the spirit).

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