Brilliant Burleigh

After another hectic week at uni, Friday night was scrub crawl night. If you happened to see a couple hundred intoxicated medical students running around the Gold Coast in scrubs, I must apologise.

If you are wondering what scrub crawl is… picture a massive pub crawl, but in scrubs. Thankfully we didn’t come across any emergencies that needed to be attended to!

We had far too much fun catching up with all our uni friends and having a good old dance with everyone, and left Shooters for a sneaky piece of NY slice before heading home at a reasonable hour to sleep it off.

Unfortunately, our wake up call at 7am on Saturday morning was the sound of a bulldozer right outside our window, clearing the big beautiful mango tree from the empty block next door. Booo!! I was hoping to score some mangoes from there next summer (and would have really appreciated a bit of a sleep in).

Rather than moping around the house all day, we decided to make the most of the sunshine and headed to Burleigh point for a picnic lunch of rocket and parmesan salad, potato scallops and hot chip sandwiches.

A lay on the grass on the hill and then a quick dip in the ocean to cool off, it was a perfect afternoon with my lover.

You may or may not have noticed, but it seems like the moustache is making a bit of a return, despite my complaints and pleading for a clean shaven face.  Please… I beg you, do not encourage the return of the mussy!

We had such a fabulous day and it is amazing to see how much Burleigh has  lifted its game.  In the last few years I have seen it transform from a bit of a seedy area, despite the fabulous beach, into a trendy little community with a whole bunch of great places to eat and shop.

Even better, now that the Village Markets are held once a month at Burleigh State School.  Despite the unbearable heat at the February markets last weekend, we still had a good browse and I managed to score a few great pieces that I hope to have a chance to share soon.

I had so much fun exploring the little stalls with my wonderful vintage-loving friend Sarah.

Despite my current ‘slow down’ in postings, I just wanted to reiterate that I have no plans to stop blogging anytime soon.  Regardless of  my heavy work load and non-stop hectic life, I love to take photos and just am not satisfied with uploading them to facebook, so will continue to share them here, as well as recipes when I get the opportunity to make something special!

Wow, hasn’t the start of 2011 flown by so fast?  I can barely believe that it is my birthday in 10 days… only 10 more days of being 25!  eeeeekkkk!  Time to grow up I suppose?

See you again soon Burleigh!


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8 responses to “Brilliant Burleigh

  1. i loved this post. Jassie i am so happy u are home… Love u to bits xxx

  2. DARN about the mango tree, it would have been a great neighbour… salad and fries, markets, beach and a pub/scrub crawl … what’s not to like? (OK, I ‘ll come clean: I never was a pub crawl person as I’m not good on large(r) quantities of alcohol and don’t drink beer) but the rest is brilliant.
    Himself sported a mo’ for 18 of the last 19.5 years I have known him… it came off after an accident involving fridge cooling fluid going into his face (self inflicted, don’t try and remove an old fridge/freezer door with an axe)
    Surprisingly once people got over the shock and recognised him again, they all said he looks younger and he eventually agreed, so it’s stayed off since.
    I loved it on, I discovered that I loved it off even better!

  3. sheila

    Beautiful Burleigh! Great Gold Coast, eh, Kris? I think you’ve won over the Brisbanite, Jas

  4. the beach is soooo gorgeous!!

  5. Mmm … hot chip sandwiches … YUM!

    Well it certainly looks and sounds like you’re having fun and you’re very much settling into your new home.

    From one anti-mo girl to another, let’s so no to any moustaches!! Haha! 😉

  6. Such a beautiful place!

    Camila F.

  7. Have just trawled back through your blog – it’s absolutely lovely! A real breath of fresh air… Thanks for inspiring me to give mine another go!

  8. Sounds like a perfect day Jas!
    Jac xxx

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