Wake up and face the day

After an early start and an hour long walk along the beach, we returned to a big breakfast of dark rye (from the farmer’s markets), fried mushrooms, avocado, tomato and poached eggs.

What a perfect way to start the day, especially when we have the morning off uni.

Despite it officially being the first day of Autumn, it is another scorcher on the Gold Coast, so I have been cooling down with my new favourite drink… lemon and mint iced water.

Hope you are staying cool!

Photos from: my camera
Mint grown in our herb garden



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6 responses to “Wake up and face the day

  1. It was unbelievably hot today … and it’s still super warm now (hopefully we’ll see the start of autumn proper soon).

    Your meal and drink look delicious!! Remind me to come to your place for fantastic poached eggs (they’re so hard to find)

    • I hope so Tracey, but today was even hotter again wasn’t it! Hoping for a cool change!

      Thanks! You are always welcome to come visit for some poached eggs (and a good coffee). I hate ordering them when I’m out as I’m so often disappointed by how overcooked they can be.

  2. Cafe Republic couldn’t do it better themselves! Happy first day of fall!
    x Catherine

  3. I think you may like avocados as much as I do. šŸ™‚

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