BBQ Veggo Skewers

One of the biggest challenges as a vegetarian can be what to take when invited to a BBQ.  For me, fake sausages, aka. ‘fausages’,  just don’t hit the spot, and though a veggie pattie can be a pretty good option, I find my veggo skewers to be the biggest crowd pleaser.

The newest addition to our house is ‘Wesley’, Richard’s new baby , a Webber BBQ.

Of course once he was all set up we immediately wanted to utilise his barbequ-ing power, so I quickly whipped up some veggo options in addition to the typical carnivorous BBQ fare.

For the veggo skewers, I included onion, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, green and red capsicum, cherry tomatoes and halloumi that I had marinated in lemon juice, crushed garlic and olive oil.  Of course, you could use any type of vegetable that you like, and substitute the halloumi for marinated tofu if you prefer.

After chopping up a variety of veggies into regular sized pieces, pierce them with a pre-soaked skewer and intersperse with chunks of halloumi, and marinate in Nandos peri peri sauce for about 30 mins.

I continued to brush the sauce onto the skewers during that time, as well as after they were barbequed, when I put them in the oven for a little while to continue cooking/keep hot.  Unfortunately the halloumi can be a bit of a pain to keep on the skewers, but it is so delicious that it is worth the hassle!

Corn on the cob on the BBQ is one of those things that you just have to try.

Try to buy the corn that is still in its skin, and then you can either soak it in water and put it on the BBQ directly in the skin, or (if you forget to soak it like I did) you can wrap it in foil, add a little water, butter and a squeeze of lemon and throw it on the BBQ.

There is something so good about peeling off the charcoaled silk to reach the perfectly cooked corn on the cob.

Although the weather is slowly cooling down, I expect that we will come up with plenty more veggo BBQ ideas.  Any suggestions?



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12 responses to “BBQ Veggo Skewers

  1. Microbe

    They look great Jas. For those scratching their heads at the “pre-soaked skewers”, this is a reference to soaking them in water for a while so they don’t burn quite so fast when you put them on the barby. They still do though, maybe not so bad…

  2. Yay! for veggie gals! As a vegetarian, I face the same challenge. I think you’ve pretty much got it covered as far fruits. BTW, have you tried grilled portobello with some butter and dried herbs?

  3. Jus

    Nice idea. I’m not a vegetarian but I’d seriously opt for one of those in lieu of a sausage!

  4. That corn looks delicious (I must try that).

    Funnily enough we just bought a BBQ not all that long ago … we’re both vegetarians, so it feels like the ultimate luxury to indulge all of our veggie BBQ dreams at home. I can’t quite believe it, but we made pretty much exactly the same skewers as you – we even used peri peri sauce (but I think we left ours to marinate too long … it was WAY too hot – and I like spicy food).

    We had a mix of haloumi and firm tofu on our version … but they came up equally tasty! 🙂

    We’re looking forward to experimenting with more recipes too … haloumi grilled on the BBQ is seriously hard to pass up! 😉

    • haha yes I have actually never owned a BBQ but there is actually so much veggo stuff you can do on there! How fun having it in a veg only house! Ohh yes we only used the mild peri peri, I have learned my lesson at Nando’s one too many times (they do any awesome veggie burger too for lazy days!).

      Ohh halloumi is just the best, I think it would be good regardless of how it is cooked! But of course the BBQ makes it even better. Tonight it is asparagus and corn (again) and veggie patties. YUM!

  5. sheila

    hey babe – you’re so beautiful – should probably put the recipe for veggie patties on too. Do you use the red lentil and sweet potato ones? the riviera burgers? Yum!

  6. nice……well I’m vegetarian…….

  7. Jazz,

    Looks so delicious. This year I have made a conscious efort to eat healthier and a lot less meat – resulting in eating a lot of dishes that I used to love but subtitute the meat for more veges! I love it actually. I have barely touched meat, purely because there’s so much to do with veges I didn’t realise! 🙂

    Looking over your blog always makes me SO hungry 🙂

    Love al

    • Oh thank you Ally! I’m glad it makes you hungry 🙂 I always enjoy hearing that people are eating/enjoying more vegetarian food! I still struggle with trying to stick to a healthy diet – veggo cooking can rely so heavily on carbs. But I figure I do have a huge intake of veggies so it must be alright… Hopefully I will have a chance to share some more recipes soon!

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