The First Strawberry

I get far too excited over little things, particularly when those little things relate to something that I have grown in the garden.

Though I bought a strawberry plant when I set up my herb garden a few months back, there had been very little action in the way of flowers or fruit until recently when out of nowhere a single strawberry appeared.  Since I noticed it I have been waiting patiently with my eye on the little bugger, hoping that it wouldn’t be spotted by a possum or some type of insect.

Thankfully, after about 3 weeks of waiting, its colour started to change and it finally reached the right shade of red.  I debated for a little while about what to do with my single home grown strawberry… strawberry tart perhaps?  maybe accompanied by some whipped cream?  dipped in chocolate?

In the end I decided that it was way too small to make a fuss over and just ate it on its own.

The verdict:  Well it wasn’t the sweetest or most delicious strawberry I have tasted… but it was definitely passable (or it would have been if it was a bit bigger – or if there was more than one on the whole plant!).

Now I’m just hanging out for my tomatoes to ripen, and hoping that my herbs can grow as fast as we are eating them!


Photos of me by: Kris

Other photos from: my camera



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2 responses to “The First Strawberry

  1. adorable! Oh, and I’m so jealous of your basil too! I had a big crop growing, and in one night grasshoppers/caterpillars ate it ALL! I’m glad it’s not all work and no fun up at uni!
    – Catherine x

  2. Cass

    Couldn’t this technically be a slash through your “go berry picking” on your list?!

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