Pumpkin and Feta Mini-Tarts

Last week Kris was rostered on to bring some food to share with his tutorial group at uni, so rather than buying a bag of chips or cookies, we got into the kitchen and whipped up some semi-healthy snacks, including mini pumpkin and feta tarts.

These are super easy, so much so that Kris had no trouble making them on his own, with a small helping hand from me.

Filo pastry

Olive oil spray or melted butter


Pumpkin (I used butternut), cut into small cubes

Red onion, sliced

Feta, crumbled

The pumpkin and onion should be precooked before putting into the pastry.  Cook the onion slowly in a bit of olive oil until caramelised.  To save time, we par-boiled the pumpkin until slightly tender, then browned the cubes in olive oil.  Remove from the pan, season with salt and cracked pepper, cool, mix with feta.  Filling is now ready to go (this can be prepared the night prior).

The tart shells were made from filo pastry, which can be slightly difficult to work with, but as long as you keep the unused sheets covered and work quickly you should be fine.  We used a mini muffin tin, and cut the filo into squares just larger than the tin, spraying with olive oil before layering the first square of filo and between the layers (melted butter brushed between each layer is a little more work, and not quite as healthy, but even more delicious).  We found 4 sheets of filo worked well, but if you are using a larger muffin tin you may wish to use more.

Recipe adapted from: Coles magazine

Photos by: Kris



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6 responses to “Pumpkin and Feta Mini-Tarts

  1. Ashe

    Yum, minus onion 🙂 Good Job Kris

  2. I am a big-time feta fan and these look really yummy. I could go for some right now, lovely flavor combination. 🙂

  3. hahah i honestly get so excited when i see you post a food creation.
    not kidding, it makes me so happy inside, and inspired to copy what you’ve made! *drools*

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