three and a half

Last week we celebrated  ‘three and a half’ years together, but rather than spending the morning sleeping in and eating breakfast in bed, Kris had to rush off for a placement at a relationship counseling organisation (coincidence much? haha).

I was tempted to spend the morning studying, but thankfully took the more exciting option of heading off to the beach with my book and waiting for Kris to finish so that we could meet for lunch.

It was beautiful weather and a perfect morning, that only could have been made more perfect if my lover was by my side.

I didn’t have too long to wait before we met up at Vintage Espresso and were sipping on coffee, chatting about relationship dynamics and just enjoying the rest of the day together.

The coffee was fabulous…and we are super fussy with our coffee so that is saying a lot!  I loved their cute little mis-matched cups and saucers too.

I can highly recommend the roast veggie pizza, it was the perfect veggie: dough ratio (ie. stacks of veggies on a thin base).

Look at that sweet face… I will never get tired of looking at it!

We went for a stroll down at the beach and my wonderful man snapped off a few quick photos of me in the pretty floral vintage number I picked up at the Village Markets from Bird and Rose Vintage.

Thanks for always making me laugh lover!  I love you to bits!

Photos of me by: Kris

Other photos from: my camera



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11 responses to “three and a half

  1. olivia teasey

    jaz i loved reading this! you are so talented and congrats on the 3 and half years! i love hanging out with you 2 and i hope to see you soon! love to both of you xxx

  2. O-my!! I have never seen sand like that…looks like powder. And the beach takes my breath away. You live in such a stunningly beautiful place and you both take wonderful photos.

  3. i love u with my whole body & soul… so glad u have met your match & cant wait to all share our lives together 🙂 xxxxxxx

  4. Congratulations!! 🙂 Those beach photos are beautiful. But so is the coffee shot. Oh and the veggie pizza!! Of course, your outfit is the most darling of all. Happy day to you, dear!!!

  5. congrats!! love the beach photos!!

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