Revamp project: part I

I have been on the hunt for a piece of furniture for our room, as a revamp project and somewhere to keep my things so that I stop standing on my sunnies.  At the $2 Vinnies clothes sale, of course I had a browse around the furniture section and this dressing table caught my eye.

I thought it would be the perfect project for my Easter uni holidays, but funnily enough, I only started sanding yesterday, the day before we return to classes.

Since it is such a great find, I didn’t want to just start painting, so got a bit of advice from a man in Bunnings, before Catherine directed me to the fabulous blog of Centsational girl.  There are step by step tutorials on how to revamp, spraypaint and distress furniture, which thankfully confirmed our Bunnings purchases.

I got a fabulous surprise when I opened the cupboard to reveal this sweet little set of drawers.  Am considering painting each with a pop of colour but still not 100% on what to do yet.  Perhaps a pastel rainbow (ie. each drawer a different colour, pale pink/ blue/ yellow/ green).

As the dresser is in quite good condition and I plan to paint it white, I am starting with giving it a light sand by hand before applying a couple of coats of primer.  Unfortunately I have just discovered that even the thought of sanding makes me nauseous… does anyone else get that?  Ugh the sound/feeling is just terrible, like filing false nails.

Also, I would love to know your thoughts RE: the handles.  Keep or replace??

Photos from: my camera


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