Chocolate Puddle Cookies

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14 responses to “Chocolate Puddle Cookies

  1. lovelylolacooks

    Looks lovely! Perfect for the cold weather! Thanks!

  2. I was totally intrigued by what chocolate puddle cookies were when I looked at my blog subscription page…..and then I came over and started virtually drooling over them šŸ˜‰

  3. Seeing this makes me want to cook them again! Thanks for the shout out šŸ™‚

  4. Stephanie Tucci

    These look so delish! I am making them this weekend!

  5. Yum! Those look so unique and tasty.

  6. I love how they’re shiny and crackly. Bet they taste wonderful.

  7. Why are they called puddle cookies, I’ve never seen puddles that look that nice… I wish people would have delivered these round to me during my finals last month…

  8. akatwentyeight

    these look amazing – love the addition of sea salt & nuts.. thanks for sharing!

  9. Those look like the Chocolate Chewy cookies from Whole Foods. Kind of like chocolate meringues with nuts & chocolate chip. Yummy!

  10. These look so good! I’ve never had much luck baking cookies for some odd reason, but these look too fantastic to pass up giving them a try. I’ve been looking for a good chocolate cookie recipe for a while now, so I’ll definitely keep these in mind!


  11. The pic alone describes how it tastes like, looks so freakin delicious!

  12. I want to dive right into these puddle cookies! They look rich in flavor yet light and chewy.

  13. kat

    Those cookies look amazing!!! I can’t wait to make my own soon! Thanks for sharing! Iā€™m new to blogging here and I just love how supportive and creative everyone is! If you have time, could you please check out my blog? If you have any, I would love some advice šŸ™‚

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