Holiday freedom

Upon finishing exams last Thursday, all I wanted to do was to slip into bed and sleep for the entire holidays.  Although I am often an early riser, 7:15am exams (especially those that require ‘clinical dress’) are far too early.


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5 responses to “Holiday freedom

  1. Our picnics always seem to get interrupted by birds! Sometimes they are just way too confident! Looks like you’ve been having a lovely time. Enjoy the rest of your uni break! x

  2. That yellow blouse is beetootiful! Looks like you’re making the most of your vacation… and I’m so jealous that you have such a talented photographer following you around to capturing it so vividly! Love that picnic basket too. Now that you have a little more time on your hands, I’m expecting some major meal inspiration from you!
    x Catherine

  3. Love this wrap up — great photos and sounds like you’ve been getting in some (much-deserved) fun after all that studying! xx

  4. My last picnic got distrurbed by swans running towards us and picking at our food! Not cool.

  5. Lovely photos. The Gold Coast has so many wonderful places to explore … it’s evolving into something rather fantastic.

    PS. I love your yellow blouse (I’m a bit yellow obsessed at the moment).

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