Teneriffe Winter festival

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7 responses to “Teneriffe Winter festival

  1. C

    HOW do find out about these things missy!? I’m always two weeks late! Your finger is definitely on the pulse of bris & gc – you need to start a regular ‘cool things happening soon’ feature 😉

  2. Those horses are AMAZING!!! Would you mind if I borrow one of your pics for a blog post?! I’ll give you some linky love! They’re just too adorable not too share here in the states. Looks like you had fun….like always.

  3. Ahh, those ponies are SUPER adorable.

  4. Looks like such a gorgeous day, and those ponies! Oh my goodness, SO cute! Magical.

  5. I keep hearing about Summer that I almost forget it’s winter in Australia 🙂 yay! would love to be there instead of humid Singapore.

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