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We are back to reality after a fabulous long weekend away, and although I am glad to be back in my own bed, I kinda wish I could run away and live in a B&B in Byron forever.

Still feeling exhausted after an early wakeup call for sunrise photos yesterday, but it was well worth it so I can’t wait to go through and edit my photos.

I loved this piece of graff we found on our way to the Byron markets, so of course, in my usual fashion I wanted to share it with you.

Photos from: my camera


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Black Milk

Though Sunday afternoon was rainy and grey, I ventured out to Light Space studios to have a look at some of the new range from Black Milk Clothing. Though I have seen some of the range stocked in boutiques in Brisbane, there were a whole heap of new pieces, and it is so great to be able to touch and try on everything.

Tights, tights and more tights

I came away empty handed, not for the lack of cool stuff, but rather the fact that I am not feeling in the best shape at the moment.  I need a definite health kick (and tan) before attempting swimmer shopping!  I am feeling a statement full piece for this year though so may return to try on some more in a couple of months.

I also braved the rain to snap fabulous street art near where I parked the car.

A couple of familiar styles, like the pieces on the wall at Black Star.

Of course, my old favourite, Shida.

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More hunting the streets

We went to Woolloongabba for lunch and to hit some antique stores when we came across more art by Shida.

Everytime I walk the streets I feel like I am a constant treasure hunt for his work and that of other talented artists.  I feel like I miss out on so much when we are in the car.

So interesting to see the difference in style between his paste-ups and things that have been free drawn.

All photos from my camera

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The joys of biking

On Saturday morning we had a leisurely bike ride to the West End markets for a coffee and to look around the community garden.  It is such a great space full of herbs and veggies, and I plan to be there on Saturday mornings whenever I can get the chance.

One of the greatest things about riding bikes is that you discover little things that would otherwise go unnoticed, fuelling my love for searching out graffiti.

Another Shida… I must drive/walk/ride past this guy at least once a week, yet I didn’t spot him until now.

I finally remembered to check out the water tanks at Davies Park in West End.  The paint is peeling but these pieces still look awesome.  I believe the first piece is by Mouf, and the second by Shida (again).

Photos from: my camera

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Big face

More graff from Black Star. Some of the best coffee in Brisbane.

Photo from: my iPhone

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take the day off

I am amazed and flattered that my last post was featured on WordPress freshly pressed. Thank you to all of you who posted such lovely comments and made my phone go crazy with emails all day long.

Feeling the pressure that this post should be something extra special, but since it’s Friday, the boy and I got a couple bottles of red and take-away thai for a quiet night in.

So on that note, I will leave you with some happy snaps from the public holiday last Monday.

It is always good to have a day off to do some exploring, so we went to Paddington for brunch and made a few stops along the way at vintage stores and to take pictures at the old burnt down skate rink.

Look at that moustache!

Found a bunch of cool graff too.

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weekends in west end

We spend so much time in West End that it would really make more sense to live there.  I just can’t wait until the bridge (and my bike) is finished and we can go on leisurely weekend rides and enjoy the perfect weather and the scenery and continue ‘treasure hunting’ for street art around our city.

There are always such interesting stickers on the back of signs.

photos from: my camera

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