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Vanilla Cupcakes with Lady Dash

My wonderful friend Lady Dash has recently started blogging about her cooking adventures, in particular, cooking her way through Donna Hay’s ‘Fresh, Fast, Simple’.  She was also given the opportunity to test out a few of Donna’s new range of packet mixes so we decided to collaborate on a blog post.

Of course, Lady Dash is the perfect host, and I was lucky enough to be treated to a delicious lunch: Herb and Mozzarella Mushrooms with Garlic Toasts, which was the entree at her latest dinner party (that I unfortunately had to miss).

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Holiday Hang Outs

Hanging out in West End with my camera and my lover

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Holiday freedom

Upon finishing exams last Thursday, all I wanted to do was to slip into bed and sleep for the entire holidays.  Although I am often an early riser, 7:15am exams (especially those that require ‘clinical dress’) are far too early.


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Breakfast: Crumpet with Honey

Another breakfast photo from one of my lazy study days. On a cool morning there is something so fabulous about a fresh toasted crumpet, smothered with butter and honey, washed down with a delicious coffee.

How lucky am I getting one of the best coffees on the Coast made for me every single morning?!

Photo from: my camera
Coffee by: my boyfriend, photography guru and barista extraordinaire Kris


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Breakfast: Croissant with Raspberry Jam

A quick trip to Ferry Road Market (not an actual market but an amazing place for gourmet food) last week yielded some fresh croissants for breakfast.  Of course, I can’t go a morning without a fabulous coffee made by my own personal barista who always treats me with a fabulous design atop my latte.

I have been loving taking photos of my breakfast, the light is just so perfect and I tend to have a bit of time in the mornings before heading off to uni.  I have to credit the wonderful Mowielicious for the inspiration, I absolutely LOVE all of his breakfast photos and agree with him that it is a great challenge and way to improve your photography by taking a food photo every day.

Also – how good is this breakfast tray I found in an op shop?  Half price day too! 🙂

Photo from: my camera


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Breakfast: Porridge with Raspberries and Greek Yoghurt

A simple breakfast that perfectly suits the cooler weather gave me an excuse to have a play around taking photos, putting into practice some of the tips gained while watching Penny De Los Santos’ Food Photography course on Creative Live over the weekend.

I would love to be able to take better food photos… and we all know that practice makes perfect, so expect to see more in coming months.

Photo from: my camera


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My wonderful man has been giving me a couple of lessons in taking better portraits, thinking about composition and the light source, in order to improve my photography.

I have been practicing every chance I get, and though I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet, I feel like I am getting a little better…

The hardest part is getting my subject to sit still when there is a delicious looking almond croissant tempting him…

Nom nom nom!

Seriously, if you ever see the french patisserie stall at the Bundall Racecourse markets, make sure you snap up one of these almond croissants.  You won’t regret it (until you think about how much exercise is required to work one of these babies off!).

Photos from: my camera

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