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Spots and Stripes

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break and managed to mark a few things off your to do list…as well as having a couple of days to relax and have a good time.
Although the entire weekend was plagued with rain, Kris and I still spent a day down at Currumbin wandering around and exploring while trying to stay as dry as possible.

After we had taken a stroll along the beach, we headed up Currumbin creek for a little change of scenery.  The rain forced us to shelter in the car for a while, but eventually the sky cleared a little and allowed us to explore a little more.

Super cute!

With the change in weather, I got a chance to wear my ‘new’ jumper I got from a $2 Vinnies sale.  Thanks to Ally for letting me know about the sale!

A fabulous day was finished off with an amazing lunch at Magic Apple cafe.  Completely veggo, vegan and GF friendly and cheekily placed next to McDonalds, it is the perfect place for a late lunch if you are near Burleigh. Seriously, check out the size of that felafel burger!

What did you do with your Easter break??

Photos of me: by Kris

Other photos from: my camera


Striped jumper from Vinnies

White top by Minkpink

Spotted skirt from Glebe markets

Shoes from Bali



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The Village Markets

Last Sunday we were all fed up with study, so spent the rainy day exploring one of our new locals, The Village Markets.

The Village Markets are my ideal little market, full of reasonably priced vintage and easily browsed in under an hour, the perfect way to spend the first Sunday of every month.

Despite a torrential downpour descending on the Gold Coast for the entire morning the rain stopped for the entire time we were there, allowing me to snap up a couple of bargains, satisfying my shopping urge while sticking to the student budget.  I bought a couple of exciting little things that I can’t wait to post about.

The weather was (finally) cool enough to allow me to try out my ‘new’ coral vintage trousers and unleash my unruly curls.

I was too busy shopping to take any snaps of the stalls, but it is definitely worth the little drive down to Burleigh as the vendors seem to change up a little each month.

Also got snapped by their resident street style photographer for The Village Markets blog…  Thanks guys!

See you next month TVM!


from my camera

of me: by Kris


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weekend photodiary

Just wanted to share some photos from the weekend taken while getting used to my new (hand-me-down) camera.

First of all… meet the newest addition to the group: Kael

I was so lucky to have some cuddles with the fresh little bubba (he is only 4 weeks old)



Slowly growing

Fresh basil

waiting out blackouts

My wonderful girlfriends got together for an asian inspired dinner party… which was the perfect chance for most of us to show off some new found domesticity.

Miso and sesame green beans

Like broccoli and bok choi

Albert the friendly dog

Asian veggo feast

Dessert spring rolls – filled with chocolate and banana

Fortune cookie

‘A good time to start something new’

How was your weekend?

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The First Strawberry

I get far too excited over little things, particularly when those little things relate to something that I have grown in the garden.

Though I bought a strawberry plant when I set up my herb garden a few months back, there had been very little action in the way of flowers or fruit until recently when out of nowhere a single strawberry appeared.  Since I noticed it I have been waiting patiently with my eye on the little bugger, hoping that it wouldn’t be spotted by a possum or some type of insect.

Thankfully, after about 3 weeks of waiting, its colour started to change and it finally reached the right shade of red.  I debated for a little while about what to do with my single home grown strawberry… strawberry tart perhaps?  maybe accompanied by some whipped cream?  dipped in chocolate?

In the end I decided that it was way too small to make a fuss over and just ate it on its own.

The verdict:  Well it wasn’t the sweetest or most delicious strawberry I have tasted… but it was definitely passable (or it would have been if it was a bit bigger – or if there was more than one on the whole plant!).

Now I’m just hanging out for my tomatoes to ripen, and hoping that my herbs can grow as fast as we are eating them!


Photos of me by: Kris

Other photos from: my camera


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Beach break

Hello again little neglected blog…

It sure has been a while, yet I have thought about blogging almost every day.  There are some big changes happening in my life and unfortunately that sometimes means that certain things like taking photos and cooking things that I am excited to share on my blog fall by the wayside, and are replaced by study, social events and ‘setting up house’.

Still peeling from my first sunburn of the season, we are officially ‘Gold Coasties’ and have been making a bit of effort to enjoy the beauty that is within 5 minutes of our new home.

After an overwhelming week being reminded of the joys of study, anatomy and libraries, it was fabulous to pick up my camera and walk along the beach without a care in the world.

Stingers everywhere didn’t stop us from jumping into the ocean to cool down.

Ah I can’t wait for more days like these… till then though we need to study up (but of course there will be time for a little blogging in between!)


Photos from: my camera

Sorry for the weird editing… felt like doing something different.


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Here comes the sun & bokeh love

I was very excited to see that the lovely Amanda from Here Comes the Sun was running a competition to win a Lomo camera.

I have wanted one of these babies to play around with for so long (even though I am super lazy with getting film developed, I think they take such beautiful photos with unexpected results).  I also loved the idea of a challenge to see the most creative way to photograph one of her stickers, which was really good for me to try to imagine a photo before I take it, rather than just snapping away without any kind of goal.

After reading Amanda’s beautiful blog, I know that she loves all kinds of pretty things, and photos with a romantic feel, so thought I would do my best to create that kind of vibe in my first photo entry. Using a flower and bottle that I have in our room, and a bit of post-processing, I’m really happy with how this one came out.

here comes the sun

My wonderful boyfriend bought me a little present online a few weeks ago, and when it arrived we had a play around to see what we could get to happen using the lights we could see from our balcony.

Bokeh hearts

After a bit of fiddling, a borrowed lens and a lesson from Kris, I figured out how to make ‘good bokeh’, and spent the rest of the night snapping photos with the various shapes that came with the kit.

Bokeh love

And perfect for Christmas…

Bokeh stars

As soon as I figured it out, I knew I wanted to incorporate some ‘heart bokeh’ into another photo of Amanda’s sticker. Unfortunately I couldn’t get exactly the effect that I wanted, but I had heaps of fun trying (and learned a bit about photography along the way).

here comes the sun heart

Before you think I am getting greedy with blog competitions, I was involved in this before I had any idea about the other wonderful prizes I had won (that I can’t wait to share with you all).  I still feel a little ungrateful for even entering another competition, though I think it is nice for the bloggers to get a lot of entries.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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Take a look

Especially at this time of year, sometimes we need to be reminded to have a break and take a minute to relax and look up at the sky…

… it’s amazing how much you miss so much when you aren’t watching.


Photo from: my camera



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