Finders Keepers Markets

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Holiday Hang Outs

Hanging out in West End with my camera and my lover

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Holiday freedom

Upon finishing exams last Thursday, all I wanted to do was to slip into bed and sleep for the entire holidays.  Although I am often an early riser, 7:15am exams (especially those that require ‘clinical dress’) are far too early.


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Birthday Lover

Have spent the day celebrating my lover’s birthday…

Happy birthday to my special man.


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Breakfast: Crumpet with Honey

Another breakfast photo from one of my lazy study days. On a cool morning there is something so fabulous about a fresh toasted crumpet, smothered with butter and honey, washed down with a delicious coffee.

How lucky am I getting one of the best coffees on the Coast made for me every single morning?!

Photo from: my camera
Coffee by: my boyfriend, photography guru and barista extraordinaire Kris


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Chocolate Puddle Cookies

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Breakfast: Croissant with Raspberry Jam

A quick trip to Ferry Road Market (not an actual market but an amazing place for gourmet food) last week yielded some fresh croissants for breakfast.  Of course, I can’t go a morning without a fabulous coffee made by my own personal barista who always treats me with a fabulous design atop my latte.

I have been loving taking photos of my breakfast, the light is just so perfect and I tend to have a bit of time in the mornings before heading off to uni.  I have to credit the wonderful Mowielicious for the inspiration, I absolutely LOVE all of his breakfast photos and agree with him that it is a great challenge and way to improve your photography by taking a food photo every day.

Also – how good is this breakfast tray I found in an op shop?  Half price day too! 🙂

Photo from: my camera


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