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Vanilla Cupcakes with Lady Dash

My wonderful friend Lady Dash has recently started blogging about her cooking adventures, in particular, cooking her way through Donna Hay’s ‘Fresh, Fast, Simple’.  She was also given the opportunity to test out a few of Donna’s new range of packet mixes so we decided to collaborate on a blog post.

Of course, Lady Dash is the perfect host, and I was lucky enough to be treated to a delicious lunch: Herb and Mozzarella Mushrooms with Garlic Toasts, which was the entree at her latest dinner party (that I unfortunately had to miss).

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Roast Veggie Frittata and Shortcrust Pastry

For some bizarre reason, I got it into my head last week to make shortcrust pastry from scratch, even though I had to be at uni 30 minutes later. I remembered the cookbook that came with my Kenwood food processor had a recipe in it and it was actually even easier than I expected, despite the fact that we (at that stage) did not own a rolling pin –
A half empty wine bottle works just as well, in case you were wondering 😉

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Chocolate Fondue

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Chocolate Puddle Cookies

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Basic crepes

Believe it or not, despite enjoying numerous crepes during our time in Paris, I have never attempted to make them myself.  For some reason, I always assumed that crepes would be difficult to make.

Over the weekend I felt like something decadent for breakfast, but we had very little in the fridge and desperately needed a grocery shop.  A quick google made me realise that crepes are actually very simple, and really are a basic that I should know how to make.

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Breakfast: Porridge with Raspberries and Greek Yoghurt

A simple breakfast that perfectly suits the cooler weather gave me an excuse to have a play around taking photos, putting into practice some of the tips gained while watching Penny De Los Santos’ Food Photography course on Creative Live over the weekend.

I would love to be able to take better food photos… and we all know that practice makes perfect, so expect to see more in coming months.

Photo from: my camera


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Indian feast: Red Lentil Dahl, Yoghurt and Chickpea Salad & Herbed Naan

Indian is one of our favourite cuisines and especially on a lazy Friday night in, we tend to pick up takeaway from our local Indian place (and they do an amazing student deal so we are regular customers!).  Unfortunately, I have never really been able to recreate the same type of flavours in my own kitchen, despite numerous attempts.

I recently decided to try again, using a recipe from my parents collection of favourites: Spinach and Red Lentil Dahl (recipe below).

A quick internet search yielded the perfect accompaniment: Yoghurt and Chickpea salad

Some crazy part of me decided that I wanted to make naan bread from scratch (though we ate the left overs with store bought chapattis, which were also delicious).  I altered the recipe to use half wholemeal flour and half white flour, and they turned out just the same as using 100% white flour.

If you have a pizza stone that would be ideal for cooking, but otherwise you can turn an oven tray upside down and ensure it is placed in the oven prior to preheating.  Just remember to start the naan early, as it requires a couple of hours for the dough to rise.

Top with melted ghee or butter, and an assortment of herbs (I used coriander and parsley).  Garlic would be fabulous too if you want to scare away some vampires!

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