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It’s finally Spring

How better to celebrate the first day of spring than by sharing some photos of a beautiful tree.  The pink flowers that covered the surrounding grass drew me in, as it looked like the perfect place to sit and pass some time, daydreaming or reading a book.

Loving my Black Milk body suit.  I have lurked the website for ages but after seeing the pieces in person I took the plunge and bought myself a ribcage.  So looking forward to checking out the new collection on Sunday.

I could have stayed here all day if it wasn’t for the ants…

Photos taken by: Kris



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Happy days

The bunches of daffodils around our apartment have perked up my weekend.

There is something so happy about daffodils, the shape and the vivid colour just bring a smile to my face.

Not to mention the feel-good vibe that you get from supporting a good cause on daffodil day.

Ah this makes me love our room.

Photos from my camera


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Some shots from Sydney

Some of my favourite pictures from our Sydney trip aren’t those in front of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House or Bondi (though we have plenty), but are from our wanders around Surrey Hills.  It really was the perfect place for us to stay, full of places to eat, drink and shop – and such great people watching!

I loved this old tea building that looks like it has been converted into apartments.

We had the most magical winter sunsets.

There were flowers everywhere, a sure sign that spring is on it’s way.

Coffee in the afternoon sun

More flowers

Sunday afternoon Pimm’s at the Winery.

I wish I took more photos in this place, it was elegant yet quirky, the staff were so friendly and the drinks were cheap.  What more could you ask for?

Also had a chance encounter with a fellow Brisbane blogger, Chloé Jane from for the quill and ink.  It was such a bizarre experience to have someone approach and introduce themselves using our twitter names, but she was just as lovely in real life as she is on twitter and her blog.

Plenty more Sydney pics to come…

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Flower Power

Those of you who read Kris’s blog will know how excited he is about his new photography related lighting purchases.  Of course we wanted to try them out in a little photo shoot, so rather than go outside and freeze, we decided to set up in our miniature lounge room.

If you can’t tell by the baggy singlet, I was totally underdressed (and yes… I did have pyjama pants on), so decided to brighten my look up a little with a new little headpiece I made up the other night.

Of course… as usual, I couldn’t resist making some funny faces and trying to make Kris laugh.

But I’m pretty sure I just made myself laugh more.

I found these fake flowers in one of those cheap $2 shops.  I’m always on the lookout for cute fake flowers, I love to get my hippy on.

To make the headpiece, I took out my trusty hot glue gun and just stuck 2 of the flowers onto a piece of felt.  Another piece of felt was added to the back and I threaded a thin black piece of ribbon through the gap.

I am thinking of using one of these pics for a new blog header… to match my new pretty font.  What do you think?

I will leave you with this ridiculous face…

told ya!  Hope everyone has had a lovely week and hasn’t succumbed to a cold like we have.  I’m off to make a honey and lemon tea to get rid of these razorblades from my throat.

Photos taken by: Kris

Wearing: DIY hippy flower headband

please ignore the rest of my outfit 🙂


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got vase?

My lovely friend Anna brought me some gorgeous tulips that have brightened up our apartment.  Hope they brighten up your day too! (just ignore the makeshift vase haha)

photos from: my camera


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