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Goodbye Sydney

I don’t want to leave our temporary home. A nice man said, ‘you will experience every emotion in a single day wandering Surrey Hills’ and i have to agree.

Today will be sadness leaving but also happiness at the fantastic time we have had, joy, love, and maybe a little fear (depending on how the junkies are feeling this morning). The only thing we won’t feel is hunger, being surrounded by top notch restaurants and cafes.

We have had so much fun playing tourist, shopping, eating delicious food and catching up with old friends.

I love you sydney and will return, both for quick weekend flings and one day for a longer love affair.

So much to blog and so many photos to share.



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Not sure…

Not sure if I should be scared or excited…

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Off we go

Heading north in my brother’s hippy van, coffee in hand, gumboots on and Florence pumping from the speakers, we are finally on our way to Splendour.

There are storm clouds ahead but nothing will put a dampener on our excitement, not even a bit of rain.

Things will be quiet on this little blog of mine, but I will return with a whole bunch of photos and stories to share.

Have a fantastic weekend, cause we sure will be!


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Lacking cooking inspiration, I picked up a copy of the latest delicious. After a lazy Indian takeaway for dinner, I decided to make some little walnut and chocolate tarts.

Though I didn’t really follow the recipe, and took some major shortcuts, I think they look pretty close to what they should.

And they were delicious!


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I feel so lucky…

… every time I witness a sunset like this.

Photo from: my camera


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Big face

More graff from Black Star. Some of the best coffee in Brisbane.

Photo from: my iPhone

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Pretty in pink

I feel like a ballerina princess. And I kinda like it. What is happening to me?

Photo from: my iPhone

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