Op Shop Friday

Last Friday at uni was Op Shop day – where everyone found an item in the local op shops and money was raised to go back to local charities.

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3 responses to “Op Shop Friday

  1. tina

    another gorgeous article dr fizzle and yes i have been op shopping before and yes the smell and stain does put me off so lets go together one day, you can give me some hints and i am always taking old clothes to the shops. I went to the lifeline $2 sale a few years ago and bought about 40 items but half the things that i bought i didnt even like or they didnt fit me so i gave them all back, that felt good. By the way i love your blue and green jacket now that is a bargain and looks great on you, love an kisses xxxxx

  2. I need to do some op shop shopping this weekend – need an 80’s prom dress! I’ve found some good things in op shops in the past, like old leather belts and necklaces..

  3. I always buy books in charity shops but have always been a bit scared of the clothing. Next time I will have a look around, definitely at the homewares. I’m desperate for a vintage cake stand, floral preferably. I dreamt about it and now I can’t find it! Annoying..

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