Life has been fantastic lately, and I have been inspired by the ‘Making me Happy‘ column on In Spaces Between to put a list out there of things that I am grateful for, just to show the universe that I appreciate all the amazing things and people in my life.


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5 responses to “Grateful

  1. Awww Jas, You are one of the things that makes me happy! xox

  2. That was so beautiful Jassie, i am grateful to have you in my life x

  3. Steve D

    You make me happy too 🙂

  4. I’ve been reading the posts on In Spaces Between too. Really enjoying her blog. Loved reading your list too. I had an intern treat me when I went to the hospital last weekend for my back and I let her try to get my vein four times . haha (my veins are tiny!). the pain killers helped with my being patient too 🙂 so what am I grateful for: the sunshine!! my family and puppies. just life right now, I am so happy with how everything is going, my blog, work, the shop. I am incredibly lucky. Also happy for good blogging friends that have made life in QLD easier to settle into.

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