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Canvas at Nobby Beach

After a big week at uni and catching up on study, the boy and I thought we should treat ourselves to a lunch date. A ridiculously late breakfast meant that we actually weren’t at all hungry, so we decided to make a trip to Nobby beach to have a wander and try out a cafe that a friend recommended – Canvas.


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Holiday freedom

Upon finishing exams last Thursday, all I wanted to do was to slip into bed and sleep for the entire holidays.  Although I am often an early riser, 7:15am exams (especially those that require ‘clinical dress’) are far too early.


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The Village Markets

Last Sunday we were all fed up with study, so spent the rainy day exploring one of our new locals, The Village Markets.

The Village Markets are my ideal little market, full of reasonably priced vintage and easily browsed in under an hour, the perfect way to spend the first Sunday of every month.

Despite a torrential downpour descending on the Gold Coast for the entire morning the rain stopped for the entire time we were there, allowing me to snap up a couple of bargains, satisfying my shopping urge while sticking to the student budget.  I bought a couple of exciting little things that I can’t wait to post about.

The weather was (finally) cool enough to allow me to try out my ‘new’ coral vintage trousers and unleash my unruly curls.

I was too busy shopping to take any snaps of the stalls, but it is definitely worth the little drive down to Burleigh as the vendors seem to change up a little each month.

Also got snapped by their resident street style photographer for The Village Markets blog…  Thanks guys!

See you next month TVM!


from my camera

of me: by Kris


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