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Coffee Appreciation Breakfast

New post up over at my new address:


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New address

Fizzle Out has just moved to a!! Come join me over on my new blog (and check out my updated look too!).

Please update my blog address on your reader/bookmark to to stay up to date with the latest posts

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Just a minute: December 2010

Wow… i can hardly believe it is the last day of 2010. This year really has flown so fast, despite being a year of mostly work and only a little play, I have had an absolute ball!

We have been on so many fantastic little trips away, including to Bali for the wedding of our wonderful friends, Sydney, Byron Bay, Hunter Valley, Splendour in the Grass, numerous coastal trips and a family weekend in Melbourne to celebrate my great-grandma’s 100th birthday.

We spent the year living the good life, enjoying wonderful food, coffee, wine and company, and our hard work studying was rewarded when we found out that we had both been accepted into med school.

We got push bikes, a good coffee machine and threw ourselves into blogging more regularly, and I feel like I have pushed my boundaries and improved both my cooking and photography skills.

Fizzle Out began this time last year, as a new and improved wordpress blog, and I made a commitment to creating content and documenting my life in these pages. Looking back over my posts of the last year, I feel like I have finally begun to develop a blogging style, found a bit of a niche and have made many fabulous online and twitter friends (and even met some wonderful bloggers in real life, who are just as fantastic in person).

2011 will be a big and challenging year, making the switch from full-time work to student lifestyle, and the move from Brisbane back to my home town of the Gold Coast. It will be a year of making new friends and returning to my wonderful high school lovers (and, of course, my family), and finding our way in a whole new world of challenges. I am so excited to experience everything that comes my way.

As with last year, I am not making any specific resolutions, but would rather say:

2011 will be full of positivity and challenges, and plenty of fun moments with precious people.

We will be healthy, and wealthy, and most of all, will make the most of the opportunities that come our way.

We will go out of our comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and experience new places.

We will be grateful for how lucky we are to be surrounded by such inspiring and supportive people, and will make the time to show them how much we care.


If you are thinking of making some changes this year, or writing some resolutions… have a read of this ‘life list‘. So inspiring.


Anyway… on to just a minute.  During December I have been:

Loving… a hint of sunshine after a month of rain, being unemployed, my flourishing herb garden, seeing my family together again, playing with bokeh, going on long walks with my lover, stunning sunsets from our balcony

Cooking… passionfruit curd, pesto, homemade ketchup, chocolate biscotti, cinnamon sugar pecans – all to put in gift baskets.  Healthy food: minestrone soup, rice paper rolls, veggie thai green curry, summer salads, watermelon ‘cake’


Dreaming of… summer beach days, the perfect rental house, overseas travels, winning the lotto, exercise being easy

What about you?  How was your December?  How was your 2010?  Share some resolutions if you are making any, I would love to hear all about them!


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Quick eats: Mafaldine with roasted cherry tomatoes

At the farmers markets last week there were such beautiful cherry tomatoes, still on the vine (by now you must know that I am a sucker for stuff like this), that of course I had to buy some for our lunch.  Roasted with a bit of olive oil and set atop some mafaldine (curly fettuccine), they made the perfect Saturday lunch.

Like a lot of veggos, we tend to fall into the trap of eating a lot of carbs, with many of our meals based around pasta, pizza, cous cous, potato, bread etc.  Though I do try my best to vary our diet and to include plenty of beans, lentils and tofu, sometimes when you just need an easy, tasty and filling lunch, only pasta will do.  In saying that, I try to add as many vegetables as possible to make it a little healthier.

Mafaldine kinda looks a bit freakish… we were joking that we were eating Paul the Octopus.

Good quality parmesan is key…

Recipe below.

Photos from: my camera

Click through for the recipe


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Byron Bliss

So excited to head off tomorrow on an extended long weekend away with the boy. 3 nights in a B&B in Byron Bay seems like the ideal way to celebrate the happiest 3 years together.

splendour 008-P50

Hopefully the sun will shine on us and we can get some much needed pool relaxation, picnics by the lighthouse and long walks on the beach. Ahh bliss…



Photo from my point and shoot, 2007

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Eight Things

This week I have received a bit of blogger love, so a big thank you and shout out to Rach from Want What She’s Wearing and Leashiloo from All Kinds of Hungry for tagging me in their posts.

Also, I know I don’t say it enough, so thank you to all of you who read, comment and let me know that you enjoy my blog.  It really does mean a lot and helps me to strive towards producing better content, even on the days when I have writers block.

Since I am constantly writing about things I like, I thought it would be more interesting to answer the eight questions passed on to me by Rach.

Eight things:

1.) why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a creative outlet during my honours year.  While I was bogged down writing scientific articles and conducting experiments, trawling fashion blogs was my big escape, but my blog was really just an online journal.  I took a blogging hiatus while travelling overseas, preferring to post on our travel blog, but after meeting Jess from Wide Awake Thoughts I was inspired to re-invent my blog and turn it into the type of blog that I like to read.  I blog because I like to blog, and though fizzleout lacks a real focus I am enjoying the whole experience and finding my place in the blogging world.

2.) do you prefer spring/summer or autumn/winter?

Spring/Summer for sure, I can’t stand cold weather (which I found out very quickly while living in London), though do love a respite from the summer heat of Brisbane.

3.) what do you notice first: smokey eye make-up or bright lips?

I rarely wear lipstick but a bright lip always captures my attention.

4.) who are your style icons?

My fave is Alexa Chung, but these days I get most of my style inspiration from bloggers.  Some favourites are: Hanneli Mustaparta, Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage and Bel of Lovemore.  I find myself being inspired by real people with attainable style, rather than celebrities.

5.) describe your personality in three words?

dreamer, playful, stubborn

6.) if you had to leave the house with only one item of make-up what would it be?

Mineral make-up

7.) Which era do you think influenced fashion the most?

The 60s, when the mini skirt first came in to popularity.  I think it was the beginning of women having the freedom to wear whatever they want.

These days it is hard to believe that there was such outrage for a woman wearing a dress to the races that didn’t reach her knees.

8.) what beauty product do you always repurchase?

Papaw ointment.  It is the magical cure for dry chapped lips and I use it to tame eyebrows and add a bit of shine.

Photos from:

my camera


The Age


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A little corner of calm

In the chaos of our room post splendour, I found a little serenity in burning candles.  I also thought this was a nice way to utilise my vintage bottle when we don’t have fresh flowers.

Bottle from op shop
Flower from lincraft (fabric shop)

Photos from: my camera


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